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Choose your topics

Focusing on the areas of your life you want to improve upon. Making positive changes is simple as it involes the steps below - Actions and Routines!

Take action!

Learning about self help topics and support people with stress, anxiety, and depression at a gradual pace.

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Create routines!

Creating positive behaviours thru small attainable routines or goals. These changes will take weeks of practice, but we will keep you motivated.


Track your progress

Track your moods, activities, routines, actions, and discover hidden patterns between what we do and how we feel to become more productive.

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Using smart technology

Using your phsysiological data and our complex algorithms we determine what needed to return you back to a more recommended state of wellness. - IN DEVELOPMENT

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I've been using Moodie everyday and I actually feel better! It’s all because of your app.

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- Jennie Age 24

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Clearly laid out great links to very relevant articles in each section. Love the journal section to really keep a track of whatever goal you are working towards.

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- Amy-Louise Age 31

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I love that this app can help you with your over all thought process of how to be in control of your moods. The breathing exercises and journal is so helpful. The concept is brilliant!

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- Jennifer Age 27

Feeling Moodie?!